yesterday danielle was letting yogi and booboo out and lahey slipped out, and we won’t let him go free because he chases our landlord’s cows and he doesn’t like it, so we had to start taking him out on a leash instead but he got out and i had to chase him around for fucking ten minutes until i cornered him way away from the house in a barn like thing and the i had to carry his heavy ass halfway back to the house before danielle met me with his harness and leash and my arms and back hurt today fuckin fat dog

the only videos i like on youtube are the ones that make me laugh the hardest

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i clicked on another video and it’s just this one i’m so mad

my internet is so shitty right now like i’m trying to watch a youtube video and it’s not even letting me go over 240p i have no idea why it’s doing this i’m so mad

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don’t start what you can’t finish, tony.


don’t start what you can’t finish, tony.

i don’t understand why anyone would want to clone people unless it’s to clone all the cute boys so everyone can have one



I was asked to write a poem about hope
As if every poem wasn’t about hope
Every time we touch a pen to page
We may as well be writing
“I’m still here “
I am writing you a poem about hope
My body is the first stanza
Today is all of the other ones
Let us not forget how beautiful it is
All of it
Everything of it

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Scarlett’s stunt trainning for her role as Black Widow in Iron Man2

“Scarlett hadn’t really done an action role.And she assured me that she would work as hard as she needed to both get in sharp and do her stunts and learn all that stuff.She spent hours and hours and hours for months.By far the most dedicated actor when it came to stunt work and the physical work.” - Jon Favreau:Director&co-star

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